GAME NEWS - 2013-12-13 16:34:41
Crafting System Released!
post by NiteHawk

The new crafting system has been released! Read more about it here and how you can improve it:

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GAME NEWS - 2013-04-07 01:09:44
Mystery Auction Set for June 15th at 7pm
post by RoK

                          MYSTERY AUCTION 2013

                              JUNE 15th @ 7pm EST
Come one, come all to this year's Mystery Auction! There will be plenty of goodies to be had for those thrifty enough to save their coin.  The event is being held more than three months out from this posting, so everyone will have plenty of time to farm up gold, sell your old oads and tokens gathering dust! All items will be UNIQUE, as in there will never be another one in game like it. Some will be equal to high brills, some are renamed OADs, some will be novelty items and a few may very well be of epic status...
The rules are rather simple:
  • Only bid on an item if you intend to actually purchase it for what you bid. If I warp to you and your bid was a joke, then you will be banned for a bit until I can see the funny side of it.
  • No limits on how many items you may buy, so long as you have the gold!
  • Bids MUST increase by at least 1k gold on smaller bids, or 10k on the larger bids (of over 1 million gold) - Since I won't be constantly raising the bids for 1 gold....
  • Hints will be provided as to what the item is, but that is all you will get. It's a MYSTERY Auction after all.
Good luck to everyone who joins and bids and happy gold farming!
Run by Novus
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SITE NEWS - 2011-07-18 03:35:38
Website Host Changed/Mobile Theme
post by NiteHawk

First off, we moved the host to a current host I had, and the website should be alot faster now, with alot less errors. This should solve the bugs we been having for the past half of year with our old provider. There is room for some minor improvement which I'll be looking at soon.

I have also installed a mobile theme, which displays automatically if you have a mobile phone, (or hopefully should.) If you have issues please report them. I do know it is not the nicest mobile theme yet, but I will modify it sometime next month.

Thank you!

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QUEST - 2011-06-24 07:14:24
WidowMaker Returns!
post by RoK

Excavators have recently unearthed the entrance to an archaic gladiatoral arena. Who knows what untold wonders...or horrors - lie waiting to be discovered. It was once rumored that a gigantic beast dwelt within the bowels of the arena, guarding a godly treasure trove. Gather a team of warriors and mages and claim the glory and treasure that awaits you. 

More information may be found here:


Sharpen that Glyph Kris, polish up that Diamond Armor, it's time for WidowMaker

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GAME NEWS - 2011-04-27 10:04:18
Albadawn 2011
post by RoK

Dwelfis Hare had been known by many names in his day but "Enemy" was not one of them. Dwelfis had a very kind heart and was friends to everyone in his kingdom. Standing 7 feet 3 inches tall in his human form, it was believed the druid could morph into the largest bear in the realms. But very few, if any, had ever seen Dwelfis animorph. He never saw a point in morphing as he had everything he needed on his small farm on the outskirts of his kingdom.

Dwelfis spent most of his time wondering the country side speaking to the trees and animals and tending to their needs. While Dwelfis loved all the creatures in the kingdom, It was the rabbits which Dwelfis seemed to have a particular tenderness for. Every spring they would arrive in droves to greet him as he walked out to his orchard. He would feed and care for them and never asked for anything in return.

Dwelfis had always felt a sort of warmth when it came to nature yet it had never occurred to him that it had been Hommet who answered him when he spoke to the trees or Hommet who had bellowed back from the hills. It wasn't until death that Dwelfis understood the complex friendship that had existed between Hommet and himself. For his lifetime of dedication and the true kindness that lived within Dwelfis, Hommet bound his spirit in the tallest of oak trees in the kingdom. Dwelfis continued to watch over the kingdom for Hommet and they remained great friends even to this day.

Every Year, Its at the base of this great tree that Alustria passes the great vernal torch to Hommet to celebrate the transition from Winter to Spring and Old Man Hare, the Vernal Oak, couldn't ask for a better audience. The rabbits never forgot the kindness Dwefis showed to them and they arrive by the hundreds to pay respect to the old druid and receive his blessing. The Vernal Oak conjuring large solid eggs and flower blossoms, shakes them from his branches on the first day of spring. The eggs, which are a symbol of regrowth, are colored and carried back to the rabbit burrows every year in celebration of Spring.

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